Cycling Tokyo

Why am I creating this website now (June 2020)?

As of now (June 2020) the entire world is under the turmoil of Covid-19.

This is really unfortunate for everybody who loves travel, even though people may say that this is the way that human being has lived for millions of years.

I agree with it. And at the same time, I am questioning to myself why I am creating this website now?

We do not know how and when the world would restore the situation where we were allowed to move freely to travel and enjoy the joy of seeing new places and meeting with good people.

I do not know the exact answer yet but for me the idea is clear for two reasons.

Maneki-neko, or a beckoning cat is a symbol of Japanese welcoming heart.

First, I wanted to express my appreciation for all the people that I met during the course of my guiding as well as my private journey till now.

Yes, I met many people from all over the world all good and have enjoyed our encounter.

Second, I wanted to express my continued willingness to welcome as many people to this interesting and beautiful country and share the exciting moments that I did with many guests in the past.

We do not know yet how we are going to be asked to behave under the new environment called New Way of Life. But I am sure that we will find an optimal way to get along well with the requirement to protect ourselves and others while enjoying the journey.

Lastly, I wish to add that I was fortunate enough to have met with a young talented and skillful web designer to have helped me to make this happen. Thank you Nori-san for your great effort and knowledge. Without you this has never been realize.