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When is the best season to visit Mt. Fuji?

Visiting Mt. Fuji is an important issue for many visitors to Japan. You can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji with its perfect cornicle shape throughout the year, however, Mt. Fuji changes its face several times a year. Therefore, choosing the best season is important to enjoy the best view of this symbol of Japan. In winter, it is all covered by snow and is all white. In summer, the snow disappears and the mountain gets brown or black. I would say the best season is either in spring or in autumn when Mt. Fuji is half covered by snow.
Spring would be the best when it is combined with cherry blossoms.

But some say autumn is also good with autumn foliage, namely with Japanese maples.

If you want to climb to the summit, please know that climbing Mt. Fuji is limited only for a short period of the year starting from mid-July until early September. Please make reservation at a chalet in the middle of the climb if you wish to reach the summit to view the sunrise because the mountain is very crowded during the high season.