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What is an arranged marriage?

An arranged marriage is a way people get married in Japan. Here in Japan, a marriage was not only a young couple meet and bow an eternal life together but also an occasion where two families are tied together to form a new unit of family. Families used to play an important role as a fundamental social unit so played a marriage to initiate this unification. Then where was love? At an arranged marriage love was considered a secondary issue. Surprisingly, in many occasions young couple did not even meet until the day of wedding. Then did they divorce often? No, in most cases young couple who got married by an arranged marriage spent happy life together. One reason is that when a go between arranges a marriage, they take a balance of two families important such as their social standings or wealth where two young people were raised. This balanced social background makes their marriage peaceful and successful. It was in the nineteen sixties when the line crossed between the arranged marriage and love marriage and the later became the majority. Ironically, it is since then that the divorce rate started to increase. Now less than 5 percent get married by an arranged marriage, ant it is nearly forty percent that people divorce.