Cycling Tokyo

A bamboo garden at Hokoku-ji temple

Dry garden is typical to the Zen temples

Hasedera temple is known for a wooden giant buddha of the 13th century

A dancing hall at Tsurugaoka-hachiman shrine known for a tragic story of a widow dancer of a Samurai hero

12th century Bronze Great Buddha is the symbol of Kamakura

Walking tour E: One day customized tour to Kamakura

Located 1.5hours to the southwest of Tokyo, Kamakura is an ancient Samurai town where founded was the first military government by Minamoto clan at the end of the 12th century. Since this is a native place of all what are called now the Japanese cultures, such as Zen Buddhism, tea ceremony, flower arrangement as well as the Samurai’s esthetics, you can feel as if you went back 800 years ago by walking through this town in a serene atmosphere.

Tour Fee: 3,000 yen/hour per group
(transportation expense to/from Kamakura and in local area, entrance fee, lunch/beverage are not included, sorry payable in cash only)

Duration 8 hours
Meeting Place

at your hotel or other designated point

※More detailed information provided upon reservation

Tour Fee 3,000 yen / hour per group.