Cycling Tokyo

Torii gate and Mt.Fuji

Mt.Fuji in spring

Lake Kawaguchi-ko and Mt.Fuji

Chureitou at Arakurayama-sengen shrine and Mt.Fuji

Walking tour D: One day customized tour to Mt.Fuji

Mt.Fuji is a symbol of Japan designated as UNESCO’s world cultural heritage. Located in 2hous by bus to the west from Tokyo, you can visit this divine mountain to enjoy a stunning view admired by and inspired many artists from the ancient period. Throughout the year we can visit there to appreciate the different face of the mountain depending on the season.

Tour Fee: 3,000 yen/hour per group
(transportation expense to/from Kawaguchi-ko station and in local area, lunch/beverage are not included, sorry payable in cash only)

Duration 10 hours
Meeting Place

at your hotel or other designated point

※More detailed information provided upon reservation

Tour Fee 3,000 yen / hour per group.