Cycling Tokyo

Sculptures of the gate, each has its own story

Shinkyo is a divine bridge leading to Toshogu-shrine

Tamozawa Imperial Villa is a rare place where we can see the life of the Imperial family

Misterious line of Boddhisatvas at Kanmangafuchi-abyss

stunning view of Kegon waterfalls

Yomei-mon gate at Toshogu-shrine under the snow

Walking tour C: One day customized tour to Nikko

Nikko is a divine town located 1.5hours to the north of Tokyo famous for a magnificent Shinto shrine, Toshogu. You will learn a lot about the spiritual life of Japanese such as how different are Shinto and Buddhism, which of these two religions Japanese practice now etc. Because it is in the heart of the mountains, by visiting Nikko, you can also enjoy a beautiful nature of Japan.

Tour Fee: 3,000 yen/hour per group
(transportation expense to/from Nikko and in local area, entrance fee, lunch/beverage are not included, sorry payable in cash only)

Duration 10 hours
Meeting Place

at your hotel or other designated point

※More detailed information provided upon reservation

Tour Fee 3,000 yen / hour per group.