Cycling Tokyo

Walking Tour

A twilight view of Sensoji Temple in Asakusa Tokyo Skytree is the tallest broadcasting tower in the world. Five stories Pagoda at Ueno Fukagawa is an old quarter where traditional life is still alive. At a Japanese Garden rest Sumo wrestlers after the morning training The Imperial Palace is a former 400 years old castle of Shogun

Walking tour A: One day customized tour in Tokyo

In this course, we will cover most of the must-not-miss places of Tokyo, such as The Imperial Palace, Asakusa, Shibuya crossing, Meiji-jingu Shrine, Takeshita-dori avenue etc. Since this is a customized tour, I can arrange any other places that you may be interested such as off-the-beaten paths o...

Wedding ceremony at Meiji-jingu Shrine Yanaka is a temple and cat town 17th century Japanese garden at Fukagawa The Imperial Palace in spring Torii gate is the symbol of Shinto shrine

Walking tour B: Half day customized tour in Tokyo

If you wish to visit some of the highlights in Tokyo, you can join this tour where we visit some of the iconic places of Tokyo, leaving other places of interest for you to stroll freely afterward. In this course, we will cover some of the places listed in Tour A depending on your choice.


Sculptures of the gate, each has its own story Shinkyo is a divine bridge leading to Toshogu-shrine Tamozawa Imperial Villa is a rare place where we can see the life of the Imperial family Misterious line of Boddhisatvas at Kanmangafuchi-abyss stunning view of Kegon waterfalls Yomei-mon gate at Toshogu-shrine under the snow

Walking tour C: One day customized tour to Nikko

Nikko is a divine town located 1.5hours to the north of Tokyo famous for a magnificent Shinto shrine, Toshogu. You will learn a lot about the spiritual life of Japanese such as how different are Shinto and Buddhism, which of these two religions Japanese practice now etc. Because it is in the hear...

Torii gate and Mt.Fuji Mt.Fuji in spring Lake Kawaguchi-ko and Mt.Fuji Chureitou at Arakurayama-sengen shrine and Mt.Fuji

Walking tour D: One day customized tour to Mt.Fuji

Mt.Fuji is a symbol of Japan designated as UNESCO’s world cultural heritage. Located in 2hous by bus to the west from Tokyo, you can visit this divine mountain to enjoy a stunning view admired by and inspired many artists from the ancient period. Throughout the year we can visit there to apprecia...

A bamboo garden at Hokoku-ji temple Dry garden is typical to the Zen temples Hasedera temple is known for a wooden giant buddha of the 13th century A dancing hall at Tsurugaoka-hachiman shrine known for a tragic story of a widow dancer of a Samurai hero 12th century Bronze Great Buddha is the symbol of Kamakura

Walking tour E: One day customized tour to Kamakura

Located 1.5hours to the southwest of Tokyo, Kamakura is an ancient Samurai town where founded was the first military government by Minamoto clan at the end of the 12th century. Since this is a native place of all what are called now the Japanese cultures, such as Zen Buddhism, tea ceremony, flowe...