Cycling Tokyo

Why am I creating this website now (June 2020)?

As of now (June 2020) the entire world is under the turmoil of Covid-19. This is really unfortunate for everybody who loves travel, even though people may say that this is the way that human being has lived for millions of years. […]

When is the best season to visit Mt. Fuji?

Visiting Mt. Fuji is an important issue for many visitors to Japan. You can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji with its perfect cornicle shape throughout the year, however, Mt. Fuji changes its face several times a year. Therefore, choosi […]

What is an arranged marriage?

An arranged marriage is a way people get married in Japan. Here in Japan, a marriage was not only a young couple meet and bow an eternal life together but also an occasion where two families are tied together to form a new unit of […]

Three most useful Japanese phrases

People may think that Japanese is a difficult language. It is true. I do not deny it, however, if you know certain phrases, you can feel yourself relaxed and spend your days in Japan with a lot of comfort and fun too. Here are thr […]

Why are streets in Japan so clean?

This is a frequently asked question. Usually I answered “Because Japanese like cleanliness. At school they learn how to clean by cleaning the classroom”. But I kept wondering “Are these really the true reasons?” Now I came to real […]