Cycling Tokyo

About me

Hi, I’m Yoshihisa. Please call me Yoshi. I am a government certified official tour guide. Having spent eight years in abroad including the US, France and Middle East on an assignment basis from the company I worked for, I am fluent in Japanese, English, and French. I can communicate in Spanish as well. I love cycling, meeting with people. As a founding member of one of the most prominent cycling tours in Tokyo, and also as an official tour guide, I am actively guiding in Tokyo and Japan. Till today, I have guided more than one thousand guests from all over the world. Now I want to offer you private tours to find your own Tokyo. I cycled in Europe in 2015 and 2016, to have completed each year The St. James Way, or Camino de Santiago, a 1,600km pilgrimage way from France to western end of Spain. There I met many good people and had great time. It is my greatest pleasure to share the same exciting experience with you here in Tokyo. I continue to cycle in Europe and America every year, while I am guiding visitors from all over the world.
Member Japan Federation of Certified Guides, Chiba Cycling Association, Japan Adventure Cyclist Association

As a government certified official tour guide, I know a lot about Tokyo as well as Japan as a whole. I am also a specialist of Shitamachi, commoner’s neighborhood of Tokyo. I assure you to find many secrets of this attractive city, a combination of tradition and evolution, full of stories, beauties, and tastes. I am looking forward to meeting with you impatiently.

E-assisted bike

We use e-assisted bikes. It is made easy to handle for everybody.

  • The style is made relaxing, a typical city bike called Mama-chari in Japanese meaning Mom’s Bike.
  • Because it is assisted by an electric motor, it is easy to ride even some uphills, though the course is basically flat.
  • Since it is a community bike, we can rent/return at many stations located in central Tokyo. We can be flexible depending on your preference and schedule.
  • For some important safety instructions, please see the Terms and Conditions.